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Application for return and acceptance of quality complaint:
The buyer's application for return is inadmissible in the following circumstances:
1. The product has been opened, the label is broken, the label is replaced, the packaging bottle is replaced, the products that need to be refrigerated and transported are not sent back with wet ice;
2. If the product is damaged, leaked or spoiled due to improper packing, we will not be able to deal with it even if we receive the return.
Complaints about product quality are inadmissible in the following cases:
1. More than 1 month from delivery time, do not accept quality complaints;
2. Due to improper use of customers or improper storage of products due to quality problems, do not accept quality complaints;
3. Meet the above conditions, specific return rules and quality complaint standards, please consult our official website online customer service 0731-85529965 to understand.
Return specific process:
1. Customer submission = > 2. After-sale customer service personnel to verify the confirmation = > 3. After confirmation, customer service personnel send a return order to the customer = > 4. The customer returns the product (including invoice) to the address specified on the return bill together with the return order.
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