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Delivery time:
1, after the order is generated, the delivery time of express delivery is about 2-4 days, the remote area may delay 1-3 days; if meet the national legal holiday or unusual weather, the order delivery may appear certain delay, please understand.
2, the national online orders full 500 yuan free postage (remote areas: Xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Hainan, Ningxia, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan region postage separately). The order amount below 500 yuan, according to the express delivery company charge standard truthfully subsidize.
Distribution conditions:
Because of the particularity of biochemical reagents, we will choose the normal temperature, 4 degrees, 20 degrees below zero, 70 degrees below zero to deliver the goods for you according to the characteristics of the goods.
Express delivery company:
We often choose the express company Shunfeng express, EMS, express, and so on.
With regard to receipt:
1. In order to ensure timely and accurate delivery of the goods to your hands, please fill in the details of the consignee information and contact information when ordering; if you fill in the unit address, the delivery time on Saturday, Sunday and statutory holidays may be delayed.
2. All goods are packed in a uniform package made by Huibai Reagent. You don't have to worry about the damage caused by poor packing.
3, you can check the distribution status of your purchase goods through the goods tracking function in the order, or consult Huibai reagent customer service hotline: 0731-85529965
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