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Quality assurance:
Huibai reagents and agent products will strictly comply with the requirements of quality management regulations to ensure the uniformity, effectiveness and stability of products.
We commit ourselves to:
We have accumulated all the testing methods open to customers, welcome to discuss.
With regard to invoices:
1. Formal invoice: according to customer demand invoice type.
2. Invoice amount: issued strictly according to the amount you actually pay in the order.
3. Credit or voucher deduction: the amount deducted with the credit or voucher will not be issued in the invoice.
4. Separate invoice: if you need to invoice separately, be sure to note the order.
5. Invoice title: the name of the company indicated in the order as the invoice title, if any change, please indicate in advance.
6. Invoice mailing: send with the goods.
7. Invoice content: invoice content default to "product details", if there are special requirements, please state in advance.

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