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Order way:
Huibai Reagent Mall-Product Center provides packaging of different specifications for your choice. You can purchase and issue orders directly. For more specifications of packaging, please call to order: 0731-85529965 13308453923

1, if you order is not a spot goods, there may be a shortage of goods, We will try our best to prepare the goods for you according to the time indicated in the mall. The delivery time reported to customers by Huibai reagents is limited to normal conditions and does not constitute a final commitment. 2, Huiber reagents will do their utmost to control the delivery time, such as special circumstances (such as Dispatch delay etc.), Huibai Reagent will communicate with you the exact arrival time of the goods in time, please understand.

Points for attention:
1. From Monday to Friday, 08:30-17:30; 2. Money, goods to customers face-to-face, leaving the front desk will no longer be responsible for the money, quantity of goods.
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