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With the development of life science, biochemical reagents have been developed into a large category of chemical reagents. There are more than 10000 kinds of commodities and 2500 kinds of biochemical reagents sold in China. Biochemical reagents are the basic components of organisms extracted from or synthesized by chemistry. They are used in the analysis and identification of biological components and in the manufacture of biological products.

With the vigorous development of electronic industry and the rapid development of technology such as Internet of things and mobile Internet, it provides a broad market demand for biochemical reagent industry, and the scale of biochemical reagent market will continue to expand, and "large industry," The characteristics of "small company" make the industry concentration increase, industry integration expectation, biochemical reagent is becoming one of the fastest growing and most dynamic fields in the chemical industry of our country.(

In the new situation, the Internet era, HuibaiReagent Mall came into being. Huibai Reagent Mall is a biochemical reagents e-commerce platform based on the traditional biological reagent industry, which integrates the functions of "biological reagent product sales, professional technical service and online consultation and Q & A" by means of the Internet. Huibai Reagent Mall will provide customers with product inquiry, online orders, online payment and other functions. Ecommerce platform model optimizes the company's production process, innovates the reagent product sales model, and effectively increases the product gross margin.(

Huibai Reagent has always believed that the competition in the market is the competition of quality. It is necessary to pay attention to the improvement of the quality of its own products and to promote the development of the biochemical reagent market in the right direction of a virtuous circle by winning the victory in quality. Strengthen the standardization and quality supervision of biochemical reagents.(
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