Principle of Coomassie bright blue staining

2019/4/30 16:26:48
Coomassie brilliant blue staining is also called Coomassie blue method (coomassiebluestaining) or Bradford method. It is a kind of dye bonding method for the determination of protein content. Because of its outstanding advantages, it is being used more and more widely.

Coomassie brilliant blue staining is a dye binding method for the determination of protein content. In the free state, the maximum light absorption is 488nm, when it binds to the protein, it becomes cyan, and the protein-pigment conjugates have the maximum light absorption at the 595nm wavelength. Its optical absorption value is proportional to protein content, so it can be used for quantitative determination of protein. The binding of protein with Coomassie brilliant blue Gv 250 reached equilibrium in about 2min, and the reaction was very rapid, and the conjugates remained stable at room temperature for 1 h. This method was established in 1976 by Bradford and the reagent preparation is simple. The method was simple, rapid and sensitive. The sensitivity was 4 times higher than that of Lowry method. It could be used to determine the protein content of microgram level. The range of protein concentration was 0 ~ 1 000 μ g / kg ·mL ~ (- 1), with a minimum detectable value of 2.5 μ m ·mol ~ (- 1). G/mL protein is a commonly used rapid method for the determination of trace protein.

Coomassie brilliant blue is divided into R, G, and so on. Among them, R was the most sensitive, R was red-blue, and G was green-blue. Hunan Huibaibaobao is a professional biochemical reagent supplier. Coomassie R + 250, G + 250 dyeing solution, standing stock, welcome to order from teacher and classmate.

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