The basis of Common Culture medium

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Medium (Medium)
Medium (Medium) is an artificial nutrient for the growth and maintenance of microorganisms, plant tissues and animal tissues. Generally, it contains carbohydrates, nitrogen-containing substances, inorganic salts (including trace elements), vitamins and water, etc. According to the actual needs, different media can add some compounds that can not be synthesized by themselves, that is, growth factor.

Why is liquid medium powdered?
Because of the different raw materials prepared, the use requirements of the medium are different, and the storage and storage aspects are also slightly different. The general culture medium is easy to be polluted by bacteria or decomposed and metamorphosed after heat and moisture absorption. Therefore, the general medium must be protected from moisture, light and shade. For some strictly sterilized media (such as tissue culture medium), the longer storage time must be kept in the refrigerator at 3 ℃ and 6 ℃. Because the liquid medium is not easy to keep for a long time, all of them are transformed into powder.

According to the physical properties of the medium, the medium is generally divided into:
80% / 90% water, supplemented with soluble or insoluble nutrients. Liquids are intended to produce large amounts of cells or cell products.

A matrix formulated into a solid state. Tissue commonly used to cultivate colonies or animals and plants.

About 2% Agar was added to the liquid medium and dissolved at 100 ℃, cooled and solidified at 40 ℃ to make it a solid medium.

3. Semi-solid medium
A medium in a semi-solid state in which a small amount of coagulants is added to a liquid medium.

Selection of medium:
The formula of the same medium is often different in different writings. Therefore, in addition to the standard method used, the preparation should be carried out strictly in accordance with its provisions. Generally, the relevant information should be collected as far as possible, and a comparative check should be made. Then it should be selected according to its own use purpose and its source should be recorded.
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