What is MH medium, what is the principle of MH medium?

The MH medium is an MH agar medium, and the MH referred to in the microorganism is the acronym of Mueller-Hinton, which refers to the hydrolysis of casein. The mh medium is also a hydrolyzed casein culture medium. It is often used as the raw material of the culture medium to provide the growth factor required for the growth of the bacteria.

The principle of MH medium:
The beef powder and the acid-hydrolyzed casein provide a nitrogen source, a vitamin and an amino acid, and the soluble starch absorbs toxic and metabolic products.

Composition of MH medium:
Acid hydrolyzed casein / acid hydrolyzed casein 17.5g
Beef extract powder 2g
Starch 1.5g
Agar 12g

Usage of MH medium(http://www.hnhbsj.com):
Weigh 21.0 g, heated and dissolved in distilled water of 1000ml, sterilized at 121 ℃ for 15 minutes.

Quality control of MH medium:
Quality control is to determine the bacteriostatic ring of the quality control strain by the same operation method as the conventional experiment. Fresh passage strains should be used. The coating method of inoculating bacterial solution is the same as that of routine operation, and the kinds of antibiotics determined should be the same as that of routine determination.

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